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That list, you know?

The one with all of the XP Language Interface Packs?

Mapudungunاردو, Inuktitut, മലയാളം, Qhichwa Simi, فارسی, isiZulu, ಕನ್ನಡ, नेपाली, Afrikaans, कोंकणी, Setswana, বাংলা, తెలుగుਪੰਜਾਬੀ, Lëtzebuergisch, татарча, Nynorsk, ქართული, and Հայերեն?

Well, another to add on because the Azerbaijani Language Interface Pack has just been released!

(download here or here!)

Some background info about Azernaijani, via Soren:

Number of speakers:  23-32 million

Name in the language itself:  Azərbaycan dili (and more, see below)

Azerbaijani is the official language of the Republic of Azerbaijan where nearly 7 million people speak it. To be accurate, they are speaking northern Azerbaijani - there is also a southern standard which is spoken in Iran by 16 to 23 million speakers and used as a lingua franca, but has no official status. Northern Azerbaijani is also spoken by substantive communities in Russia's Republic of Dagestan, south-eastern Georgia and eastern Turkey, southern Azerbaijani also in northern Iraq. With second-language speakers the number of Azerbaijani speakers worldwide might be as high as 40 million.

The Azerbaijani language is also called Azeri, Azari, Azeri Turkish, or Azerbaijani Turkish. Iranian Azerbaijani speakers often just call it Torki or Turki (Turkish) while they refer to Turkish with a term that roughly translates as Istanbul Turkish. In Azerbaijan it was called Azəri Türkcəsi (Azeri Turkish) until 1992, then Turkish, and is now generally called Azerbaijani. Many linguists, ISO and the Unicode Consortium call the language "Azerbaijani".

Fun facts:

Classification: Azerbaijani is a Turkic language of the Oghuz branch. It is closely related to Turkish and the Turkmen language, and most other Turkic languages are intelligible for Azerbaijani speakers as well.

Script: Traditionally, Azerbaijani was only written in the Arabic-Persian alphabet which is still being widely used for writing the language in Iran. In 1923, a Latin alphabet was presented to the speakers of Turkic languages in the Soviet Union. This alphabet, called Yeni Yol (New Way) by Azerbaijani speakers, was used from 1929 to 1938 and then replaced by Cyrillic. In 1991 the Latin script which is used for Turkish was adapted, with 5 letters added. On January 1, 2003 the Latin alphabet became the only and official one in Azerbaijan. Cyrillic is not used anymore.



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# Mihai on 4 Jun 2007 3:48 PM:

Are you sure this is not a LİP?

# Michael S. Kaplan on 4 Jun 2007 4:01 PM:

This IS a LIP.  :-)

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