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by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2006/07/05 03:01 -04:00, original URI:

Back when I posted about the Punjabi and Telugu Language Interface Packs (It's not Telugu [తెలుగు] Tubbies (and it's certainly not Punjabi [ਪੰਜਾਬੀ] Tubbies!)) I got some interesting comments, like one from Amar:

Dude! you know lot about Indian Languages.

and another from Seshagiri:

Its amazing to see your grasp on the languages or should I say fonts.

But as I pointed out at the time, I know a little bit about languages but the bulk of these interesting facts that I have been posting about LIP languages have actually come from Soren Eberhardt, a Software Localization Engineer who is one of the core folks involved with the LIP program at Microsoft.

It is actually Soren, through a combination of what he knows and what he learns while doing research into the localization work that goes into Language Interface Packs, who is reponsible for getting these interesting facts about languages together when various LIPs have been released.

So I just wanted to make sure I expressed my gratitude for this hard work, and make sure to give credit where credit is due for the info about Urdu, Tswana, Luxembourgish, Quechua, Persian, Telugu, Punjabi, Zulu, Kannada, Nepali, Konkani, Bengali, and Malayalam.

Thanks, Soren!


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# Pavanaja U B on 6 Jul 2006 12:41 AM:

Hi Michael Kaplan,

Do you mean to say that I should blame Soren for all the bugs in Kannada LIP and not you :-)))  ??!!


# Michael S. Kaplan on 6 Jul 2006 2:07 AM:

Hmmm.... I am not sure that blaming either one of us actually makes sense here, given the specific roles that each of us play in the Language Interface Packs. But if it makes you feel better to blame us then I am sure Soren and I can both try to be strong. :-)

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