My syndication links are broken

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2005/07/28 01:27 -04:00, original URI:

I am posting this so that maybe people will no longer feel like they need to contact me to tell me that the RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3 links are out of order. I know they are.

I hav actually been looking at my stats for the first time -- it is simultaneously fascinating and infuriating to realize how many people view the site from aggregators (the former because the stats are cool and the latter because there are clearly a whole bunch of people who can't see the site from the aggregator and are not bothering to look further).

None of the category RSS links seem to be affected.

But has the same problem with its syndication link. And maybe some other people do, too. Perhaps this will be fixed soon....

You do not need to either send email or contact me via the site. :-)

# Michael S. Kaplan on 28 Jul 2005 3:43 AM:

Of course is fixed now, but my site is not. :-(

# Maurits [MSFT] on 28 Jul 2005 1:34 PM:

I'd be happy to send them some nasty emails.

# Michael S. Kaplan on 28 Jul 2005 6:00 PM:

I'd rather have them working on it than sore at people. :-)

# Trench on 4 Aug 2005 6:26 PM:

Just wanted to let you know that a site is ripping off your rss feed.

Its at

# Michael S. Kaplan on 4 Aug 2005 7:01 PM:

Hi trench - Yes, I know that is annoying. However, blogs sort of work that way. Anybody who is using your aggregated content can turn around and publish it.

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