Yet another site integrates Blogmap support

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2005/03/04 09:34 -05:00, original URI:

I suppose I should get a life, but stuff like this seems kind of cool. :-)

On your left will be the button that looks like this:

I guess I could have put the full map:


but that seemed like overkill, and a lot of real estate. If I were ever going take up that much space it would not be the map (I am not enough of a star that a "Map to the Star" kind of thing really qualifies).

To take up that kind of room I'd probably want to put up one of my MRIs or something. Anyone want to learn how to become a good armchair neuoradiologist?

(The sad thing about that is that it does not take much expertise to be able to write accurate information that is more detailed than the average neuroradiologist writes for such an MRI.)

There is even some precedent. Eric Lippert puts an image of a scan on his site. Per the site news, the blog (Fabulous Adventures in Coding) is a glimpse into what's on the mind of a typical Microsoft developer. So why not have yet another, more graphical, view of what is on his mind? :-)

I wonder what else might be fun to put up there. I thought about a clock, but if you are on a computer then you already have one of those in plain sight. Knowing what time it is here just doubles the chance that people might call at a strange hour!

I think the map link is silly enough. That and my random text on the left should be enough to keep me smiling....

By the way, I am just blathering now to make sure that I have enough text that this post does not get put into the summary feed as HTML, which some people don't care for very much. :-)

What else is going on around here? Hmmm.

Oh yeah. I have another team member who has joined the blogsophere (Shawn Steele) and he is posting more about IDN & Homographs than I would want to, which takes a very different kind of bravery (like the kind that /. might take an interest in one day!). :-) 

Ok, I think that should be enough text now. Too bad I am not paid by the word, given how much I go on about stuff....


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