And yet another blogger to keep an eye on!

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2005/03/04 09:52 -05:00, original URI:

There he is.... it is peterty's WebLog. His first post is about Localization - Chinese Languages.

Interesting bit of trivia -- the feature he talks about, the Microsoft.VisualBasic's StrConv function's addition of mapping between Simplified and Traditional Cheese, is my fault!

This is not to say I wrote it, because I didn't. But back before Visual Studio.NET's 1.0 had shipped, I had noticed that the StrConv function was mostly just a wrapper around the LCMapString API. There were just a few important differences:

Anyway, I complained about the lack of the simplified/traditional mapping in the function, and put in a bug report against the issue. And after it seemed like they were not interested I promptly forgot about it, since this was many years ago.

But recently somebody told me that it was added in part because of that bug, which is pretty cool. :-)

Note that this functionality does not currently exist in the System.Globalization namespace. Even in Whidbey. I'll have to ask someone why....

In any case, welcome, Peter!

# jhumper on 4 Mar 2005 10:50 PM:

And yet you don't read these very relevant blogs? Tsk, tsk.

# Michael Kaplan on 5 Mar 2005 7:02 AM:

Well, neither one has enough posts yet -- I have to wait to see until there is something there beyond a few posts.

I thought about adding a new category for that, but it seemed silly since they'd either graduate or flunk out of it fairly quickly. :-)

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