How long can I keep up this pace?

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2005/02/27 16:30 -05:00, original URI:

Someone just asked me this question in mail, and he is not the first to ask, either. The whole idea behind the question is an open disbelief that I can maintain the pace of at least one technical post each day that I floated back when I first said Welcome to Sorting It All Out. They assume I will run out of topics eventually.

Of course some people seem to forget that I have the whole world to draw on. And all the stuff I am not an expert on (which is lots), I usually know someone else who is. So I think I can keep going for quite a spell. I assume that people will get sick of listening to me long before I get sick of saying stuff. :-)

And no, this is not the sort of post I count!

# Mike Gunderloy on 27 Feb 2005 3:27 PM:

And besides, you've been keeping up this pace in some fashion or other pretty much as long as I've known you, and no doubt longer.

# Michael Kaplan on 27 Feb 2005 3:29 PM:

Agreed. Sometimes it is the slowing down that is hard, here!

# Mike Dunn on 27 Feb 2005 8:02 PM:

Someone has to be the guy to challenge Raymond's posting rate, why not you? ;)

# Michael Kaplan on 27 Feb 2005 8:12 PM:

Yikes, I am nowhere near *that* kind of rate. Plus I am way to seat-of-the-pants disorganized to plan out something like that. :-)

# sean c sieger on 28 Feb 2005 3:22 AM:

Writing seems important to you, I would think that readability would factor into your plan, what's with the html-only format?

# Michael Kaplan on 28 Feb 2005 7:16 AM:

Sean -- I have no idea what you are talking about here -- I am just on a .TEXT blog, publishing articles. What do you mean "HTML" only?

# Sean C Sieger on 28 Feb 2005 6:30 PM:


Thanks for responding. The rss reader that I use displays the rest of the Planet XML blogs as text and your one is displayed with the html markup.


# Michael Kaplan on 28 Feb 2005 6:32 PM:

Ok, I guess that has to do with the way that it handles shorter posts ( does the same thing for shorter posts).

Weird. It does not happen usually; I guess I just usually talk a lot. :-)

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