It was almost like a [late] birthday present! ;-)

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2013/11/25, original URI:

On September 29th, 2013 (two days after my birthday), the following note was put into the Suggestion Box by Piotr Dobrogost:


Thanks for sharing very interesting information on keyboard handling in Windows with us!

I've read all your posts regarding AltGr key but nowhere in them I found answers to the following questions:

Thanks in advance for answers to above questions.

Best regards,

Piotr Dobrogost

Now as title indicates, this almost feels like a late birthday present to me! 😏;-)

Because as much as you hate to admit it, it feels good sometimes to tell people "You can't get there from here, sorry!"...

Things are what they are, you know? 😏;-)

I am sorry to tell Piotr Dobrogost this, but both items on the list of his are unsupportable, and thus unsupported (by me or anyone else)....

Now I feel kinda bad about enjoying this so much.

But it was for my birthday (well kinda!), and I hope Piotr won't begrudge me that guilty pleasure in honor of that day....

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