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On close to the second anniversary of my blog Unattend for Regional and Language Options in Vista, Ryan Hamshire asked:

Question!  I see that sort order is not one of the options under user locale, which makes sense because sort order is not a parameter, but attached to LCID.  However, it seems that user locale is determined by NAME in this example, so I'm stumped trying to figure out how to create an unattend answer file like this one where I specify that I want, for example, the alternative Japanese sorting mechanism.  Can I somehow specify the locale I want by LCID instead of NAME?  -RH

A very good question, there. Though technically the UI in Regional and Language Options exposes the setting as it it were a data point for a locale.

The more recent blog from a little under a year ago (Vista Int'l settings via the command line!) that links to the white paper entitled Windows Vista Command Line Configuration of International Settings has everything Ryan is looking for. in any case.

He was correct that my earlier example did not include the information, but for the settings in question it would not have made sense.

In particular the <gs:UserLocale> information in the XML Entities Description section talks about the sSort/AlternateSort, where you can put in the names for these sorts if you want....

And for most of the names you can use, you can see the Sort Order Identifiers topic in the Platform SDK (though I did just notice the new ja-JP_radstr is not there for 0x40411 -- that is the one to use for the alternate Japanese sort).

None of this documentation really explains that the alternate sort name is only needed when it is in fact an alternate sort, so I suppose a little cleanup in both the white paper (which puts LOCLE_SSORTNAME om a even footing with settings that actaully accomplish something) and the documentation might be a little helpful (this blog or indeed this Blog) are no substitute here!).

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