Have you had your [auto]fill of Outlook?

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2008/05/19 03:01 -04:00, original URI: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/michkap/archive/2008/05/19/8518747.aspx

Pamela asked via th Contact link:

How do I clean out my autofil.  I can clear out Outlook's Contacts, but not the autofill, and I have loads of mistyped, altered addresses, which has me sending to all and having the wrong ones returned as "undeliverable".  Only way to do it!

Not really my kind of question usually, but I had to puzzle this one out recently with the help of a friend, so it's Pamela's lucky day1,2....

The easy way to do this:

  1. Start Outlook
  2. Tools|Options from the menu
  3. Push the Email Options button
  4. Push the Advanced Email Options button
  5. Uncheck the "Suggest Names while completing To, Cc and Bcc fields" checkbox
  6. Close Outlook
  7. Repeat steps 1-4 and check the setting

And then of course direct from the Microsoft Knowledge Base is the hard way (287623: How to reset the nickname and the automatic completion caches in Outlook).


1 - Unless someone already helped her.
2 - Or unless she asked in the Contact links of a dozen blogs and isn't monitoring the responses. :-)

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# Christoffer Dahlblom on 19 May 2008 7:59 AM:

I might have misunderstood Pamela, but I think she only wants to remove the faulty entries. With the help of the KB-article I found some useful keywords for google, when I found this:


Basically, all you need to do is when the invalid name/address is display, press Delete and you will erase it.

Works for me at least. :)

# John Cowan on 19 May 2008 9:06 AM:

/me goes off to read the official procedure and shakes his head in wonder.

I mean, really!  This is a cache, a file used to store disposable information.  But the procedure doesn't tell you to delete the cache, like a sensible person would expect.  Oh no.  You rename it.  Why????


# Michael S. Kaplan on 19 May 2008 10:52 AM:

Hey Christoffer --

Yes, this way has always been there for removing one entry that you fully type out. But given the situation she describes and the number of bad entries she implies, I doubt this would do it (plus she was looking to "clear" the list, which implies the whole list).

# Michael S. Kaplan on 19 May 2008 10:53 AM:

Hi John,

I assume the rename is mentioned because this is less permanent, and easy to reverse if one changes one's mind? :-)

rhondalewis on 28 Feb 2010 8:44 PM:

I am using Outlook 2007 to compose and send this email message. By the time I complete this lesson, I will have covered the basic features of Outlook's email capabilities.

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