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Note that this post is entirely offtopic and if that kind of thing bothers you then you re invited to get out right now....

It was back in December of 1996 that I first posted For the [locale] explorer in you...., a blog about the sample that Francois Liger had updated on GotDotNet, Culture Explorer 2.0.

As it turns out, the timing of the update was very unfortunate.

Because GotDotNet is no more -- it has been shut down, and as that page mentions:

Secondly, if you are one of those generous people who had recently uploaded a sample – or multiple samples – to the GotDotNet site, your contribution may be amongst the samples on the MSDN Code Gallery site. We have migrated popular samples (dating back to the beginning of 2007) to the MSDN Code Gallery site.

So if people like me and others who had been nagging Francois to update the sample had been a bit lazier or less annoying, they might have migrated the sample themselves? :-)

Of course there are flaws in this theory, since

Anyway, recently someone named Michael commented on this fact:

Is Culture Explorer 2.0 still available anywhere? GotDotNet is gone now, and I can't find the app in the MSDN Code Gallery, CodePlex or anywhere else. Nothing new comes up in searches for the app, or for the author either. Sorry to ask here, but I can't find anything anywhere else, so I thought I'd at least ask.



Michael is telling no lies here, and I verified with Francois that he hadn't migrated it under some other name or anything weird like that.

But he will have the chance to look into it now, at least.

I do know that the red tape you have to go through to put stuff on these other sites is a bit more effort than GotDotNet was, which makes all of this a bit more of a worry. But I'll get my nag on and see if I can help expedite things. It is a nice sample, after all. :-)


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