Have you ever been hooked by the tale o' Lex twister?

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2008/04/13 12:57 -04:00, original URI: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/michkap/archive/2008/04/13/8387555.aspx

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Note that this post is entirely offtopic and if that kind of thing bothers you then you re invited to get out right now....

So it started with the song Tail O' the Twister by Chagall Guevara (well, by Steve Taylor) that made it onto the CD but not the cassette of the Pump Up the Volume soundtrack.

Especially the way I connected the look on Liz Phair's face on the cover of her eponymous album that I had the autograph on:

Now the look on her face is not a come hither one at all. It is (as Steve Taylor described in the song):

A barstool yawn to a stuttered come on, it's a dirt road rut, she said 'button up mister'

You know, kind of an "I'm looking, but you're not all that" sort of look. A look which, as I mentioned, I have seen before, as a few women have had it in the past looking at me. :-)

Like just last night at Allison's Bat Mitzvah party, when I explained the look to my cousin Alexis (Coop to many who do not get distracted by The O.C. reference, and Lexie to family and no one else), and she spontaneously came up with the following (by spontaneous I mean no direction as to where to put her head or anything):

Lexie lives in New York now and is keeping up quite nicely (something I was only okay at doing when I was there) and I imagine many young guys who do not pass muster get that same look.

At some point her shoe was thrown into a pile where guys at the party got to dance with whoever's shoe they got, and she made some 13 year old's night for being able to have a dance with an older woman.

I don't have that picture (someone else got it) but I'll probably be uploading a lot of the ones I do have evenually and then tagging various cousins in facebook (whether they are expecting it or not!). I just felt like this Tale O' Lex Twister moment had to be captured separately in this quite off-topic blog. :-)


The characters in Unicode should be able to resume their blog sponsorship requirements soon...

Jonathan Rascher on 13 Apr 2008 7:34 PM:

Ha ha, I love that song...

She was a cool blue redhead
She was a virgin vixen
She had the eyes of Lassie
She had the lips of... Nixon
Lips like Tricia Nixon

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