Yesterday was GlobalDev; Tomorrow is GoGlobal!

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2008/03/15 03:01 -04:00, original URI:

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Perhaps you have been to Microsoft's Global Development and Computing Portal at at some time in the past (if you are a regular reader it may have even been due to as post of mine!).

Well, that site has not been updated in quite some time (as a point of reference, it lists the fact that Dr. International now has a blog as a top story. It has been showing its age!

But now there is a new site, right off of MSDN. Just go to that main page:

and look at the Developer Centers in the lower left hand corner where is says More... and click there.

You will get to this page:

This time if you look under Win32 and COM Development, you will see it.

Go Global!

Let's take a look!

Here it is, right at also known as the Go Global Developer Center:

Articles and other resources, blogs1, useful links everywhere -- very cool!

One of the most interesting points is that even though it has not yet really been announced anywhere externally in any official capacity2, the fact that it can be reached via navigation as described above has led to it having what has been reported as a fairly impressive hit count in terms of direct non-referred hits!

Check it out today, the Go Global Developer Center at !!!


1 - Note that my blog is not listed there as it is considered a personal blog, as I have recently mentioned. Upon the direction of my management, I officially requested that my blog not be included with the other blogs listed there, or in the Recent Blog Posts feed...
2 - Mentioning it here is in no way deeemd official.


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Ben Cooke on 15 Mar 2008 2:04 PM:

I realise that this is only tangentially related to your entry, but why on earth are you still using IE6? :)

Michael S. Kaplan on 15 Mar 2008 2:09 PM:

It just happened to be what was on the machine I was posting from at that moment -- if you look across all of them, I have IE6, IE7, FireFox, Opera, and Safari. :-)

Mihai on 19 Mar 2008 8:08 AM:

Not too accessible.

It would be nice to (at least) have a link at the top of the old GlobaDev pointing to this new portal (or whatever it is).

Michael S. Kaplan on 19 Mar 2008 9:32 AM:

Not such a bad idea, actually!

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