Is it a 7:01 post, or a 7:16 post?

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2007/11/08 10:01 -05:00, original URI:

Yet another metablog post -- were they not so pathetic I'd start a category for them....

So I am basically posting every day, usually at 7:01 AM and 07:16 AM.

It is sometimes hard to know which should come first, though.

Usually it is the post that I'm least unhappy to have up first on SiaO until the next day.

And that is good as far as it goes, though there is still some difficulty here.

Like when I finish writing the first one, I don't always have a freaking clue what the second post will be.

So although I might have some idea how good I think the first post is (using my own arbitrary internal metric), I have no clue what the second one will be, or how it will stack up.

Add to that the fact that I am usually way too stubborn and/or lazy to change the time of the first post if the second one is measurably better or worse.

And with a marked lack of interest in trying to artificially make that second post better or worse just to make it all work out with the best post last.

Of course my readers always have different opinions. Like earlier I was pointing out to someone how I has just written The [non-]progress of the über-fixed width fonts and was not sure which post it should be.

"Make it the first post" was the advice (not everyone would necessarily like that one best, clearly!).

Of course after explaining the whole 7:01/7:16 thing I decided that if that explanation was going to be a blog post (which it obviously became), it had to be the 7:01 post (metablog posts don't deserve first position status, they are second class citizens).

Hopefully people won't be too disappointed with The [non-]progress of the über-fixed width fonts (I kind of like it, myself!).


This post brought to you(U+ff17, a.k.a. FULLWIDTH DIGIT SEVEN)

Sabrina on 8 Nov 2007 4:22 PM:

C'Mon ... I thought you liked MetaBlog posts...they are fun and flirty, although, not quite as informative as other posts.  Oh well...blogism is the growing prejudice in the world....second class citizen huh?  On behalf of the metablog I say:  treat me right and i'll treat you right!

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