From partially broken to fully broken in just a couple of versions

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2007/10/05 10:01 -04:00, original URI:

Thanendar's message via the contact link was quite interesting to me:

I read your posts on this subject, you said to let you know if any programs were incompatible with ATS. Well i have found one, i recently purchased 'Command and Conquer the first decade' box set. Mainly for the original game known by addicts as Tiberian Dawn. It says all games work in XP. with admin rights, they do apart from the first game C&C. when you explore the upper left of any map the game crashes. I googled it and its a conflict of somesort with ATS??? I turned it off and the game worked fine.

My problem, I purchassed my Dell just before christmas so I got xp with it, however the deal at the time was they'd send a copy of Vista to me as soon as it came out, they did and i upgraded my PC to Vista, Now the game crashes all the time and i cant turn Advanced text services off??

I love this game, especially multiplayer over hamachi using thipx.dll please help.

Ps, I lost the original XP disk, DOH!

Now of course people might immediately want to consider Upgrade no machine[ to Vista] before its (or your) time and all that it implies. Though obviously once you find out something is incompatible there is little that you do unless a fix is provided.

It sounds like they have known about this for a while (since XP shipped in 2001) and never wanted to addess it other than to say "turn off the Text Services Framework" which for many people is not a practical answer even in XP especially if their native language and method of typing is not supported....

But anyway, looking to the posts Thanendar was referring to (Vista turns on everything and Vista really does turn on everything), and as I commented in that first one:

Who is writing games that are incompatible with the ability of users to type text? Let me know and I'll try them out and tell people what I think of their limitations right here....

I am a man of my word -- and it really looks like the owners of Command & Conquer might need to step up here and fix their game to work with Vista, and also on XP for people who need to keep Advanced Text Services on because it is the only way they know how to type language?

I'll ping the AppCompat folks as well, maybe there is something they can do here. It is hard to give advice on things to try without knowing more about the setup (i.e. how many keyboards installed, are any of them IMEs or TIPs, and is an IME/TIP the input language chosen at the time of the crash?


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Thanendar on 12 Jan 2009 10:05 AM:

It seems this problem still persists, I have got inteested in this subject again as I have recently read that Valve's Steam online game distribution system will be launching old EA titles soon, including Tiberium dawn. I wonder if they are are aware of this problem. Or will thousands of retro gamers get a nasty supprise as this game is still timeless over VPN.

Well, hopfully they will fix the issue before re-launching the game. Or maybe Microsoft will finally give us some control over vista and let us turn Advanced text services off. We can only hope.

I personally feel that vista takes far too much control from the common user, unless AVS is integral to some part of the operating system (and that would be plain stupid) i dont see why we shouldnt be able to have user control over it.

I have a vanilla system regular English querty keyboard, the crash in this particular game is not linked to any user input or programs, you dont touch or use AVS or they keyboard for the game to crash. The game just doesnt like AVS or vice cersa and crashes every time you go to the top left hand side of any map.

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