Vista turns on everything

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2006/12/23 03:58 -05:00, original URI:

The question that came in was:

Hello All,

Does anyone tell me how to turn off advanced text services in Windows Vista?

It's funny but I feel like I have spent nearly 50 years this past half decade answering the opposite question -- how to make sure that advanced text services were turned on, and how to make sure that their functionality was extended to all programs....

In the end, the answer was that this was user selectable and quite easy to turn off both features -- just uncheck the top box and check the bottom one (obviously you can't check both of them since extending the support of something that is turned off just doesn't make a whole lot of sense -- extensibly non-functional? Not as pithy of an oxymoron as other common ones like thunderous silence or military intelligence or girlie man, but still kind of fun.

Now to get to this latest question how to turn off this functionality in Vista), the answer is you can't. The new dialog gives you many choices:

But there is no choice to turn it off. Which I am personally quite happy about, not just for the sake of all of those developers and ISVs who needed to have the support on for work they were doing or their apps were, but also for the sake of the many languages in Vista that you would not be able to type in at all with this support turned off.

So just like the fonts that people can count on being there and the old "feature" of optional NLS support going away, Vista is stopping a lot of this "stunt language functionality" nonsense. Which is a good thing....

So, I guess you could say that not only is advanced text services in Vista a turn on, but you can also say that now that this sassy little feature is so exciting and excitable that it will never be a turn off! :-)


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# a *true* oldster in building 24 on 23 Dec 2006 6:00 PM:

How exactly does someone who is 12 feel as though they've been answering the same question for 50 years?  Just curious :)

# Michael S. Kaplan on 23 Dec 2006 6:06 PM:

Well, the text actually says "I feel like I have spent nearly 50 years this past half decade".... meaning the question makes the time seem longer.

And since according to you and Julie I have been 12 for the least 5.5 years, I think you would understand this? :-)

# Michael Bratcher on 25 Jan 2007 2:51 AM:

Oh yeah, how wonderful that we can't turn off the text services when we need to to get certain games to work right. Sarcasm by the way.

# Michael S. Kaplan on 25 Jan 2007 3:11 AM:

Who is writing games that are incompatible with the ability of users to type text? Let me know and I'll try them out and tell people what I think of their limitations right here....

# Daniel Phan on 21 Jan 2008 2:06 PM:

What the hell? i hate vista now, i cant chat in this awesome game i want to play , you people who made vista sucks , Change the whole program so we can turn it off, You made the computer industry Fall!!!! the game is called, Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst, if you cant fix this,  then i will curse you alll >.>....

# Carlos on 10 Feb 2008 10:58 AM:

Dear All

I had a problem with my Ultimat Vista the problem is when I Click on the task bar the right click to chose the language bar all I found is (tablet PC input Panal) or somthing like that.....and when I open the control panal,language editing or adding what ever the options there for the language bar is not responde when I change it I dont know what to do because when I need to switch between the two languages that I have I have to open tablet pc input panel (pain in the Ass) So...................

Please is there any one just tell me how to get the language bar

John Li on 30 Jun 2008 2:00 PM:

OK, all I waned is the "Extended Support of Advanced Text Services "  I do use chinese often but do not want it to be the primary... now I can't type chinese in Dos prompt. nor can I type (display chinese in QQ)"  Vista is getting worest the 98.

Michael S. Kaplan on 30 Jun 2008 2:36 PM:

Not all IMEs work from the console, but Chinese input is definitely possible. What is your default system locale, since this will affect the CP_OEMCP of the machine?

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