What are the fonts in Vista?

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2007/02/06 03:01 -05:00, original URI: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/michkap/archive/2007/02/06/1607855.aspx

Bettina asked via the Contact link:

Hello Michael,

do you have any idea if there is an entire list of system fonts that come with windows vista?

I could find some of them, according to the articles, these are apparently not all of them:

    Segoe UI,
    Segoe print
    Segoe script

would be great if you would know some more :-)

thx, bettina

I do not know of any official list anywhere, but I talked to some of the Typography folks and Simon Daniels gave me a list of the 290mb and over 712,000 glyphs contains in the Vista fonts.

Here goes (I am not including the bold/italic info, for the sake of brevity):

Core Fonts:

Core UI Fonts:

ClearType Collection Fonts:

Other Western Fonts:

East Asian Fonts

Arabic Fonts:

Hebrew Fonts:

Thai Fonts:

Indic Fonts:

Other Fonts

That should do for now. :-)


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# mihailik on 6 Feb 2007 3:39 AM:

Marlett is not Western font, it is pictographic font used for very core GUI signs in non-themed windows. Those signs are Close cross, Minimize feather, Maximize rectangle, Checkbox check etc.

The font has nothing to do with West or Westerns. It is just as much non-cinematographic as font can be.

# Michael S. Kaplan on 6 Feb 2007 6:05 AM:

You are correct. The list actually came from a PowerPoint deck that had it there, for some reason -- it probably should have gone either under "Core" or "Other", all things considered....

# hito on 6 Feb 2007 11:52 AM:

i love meiryo.

most readable japanese Cleartype font ever.

i think it need more tuning though.

# Legolas on 6 Feb 2007 5:31 PM:

I'm wondering, does MS make these fonts? Or are they made by some font foundry? Oh, and do you know of any MS blogs that are font related?

# Michael S. Kaplan on 6 Feb 2007 5:39 PM:

You can actually look at the Font properties and see that many of them come from different font foundries throughout the industry.

For font blogs, I have a link to fontblog from my i18n blog list?

# Ryan Goddard on 27 Feb 2007 5:08 PM:

Hello --

I am having trouble finding the font for dotum. I would like to find it for a pc that has windows 2000. If not then for window xp pro. Please let me know at your earliest convenience, thank you.

# Eric Rasmussen on 16 Apr 2007 4:04 PM:

"DFKsi-SB" is a typo. It should be "DFKai-SB" ...

Michael S. Kaplan on 14 Feb 2008 10:41 AM:

# Asking for Neopool on 29 Mar 2008 4:09 PM:

Neopool is a font for vista? Oris everything else...

# Alvin on 29 Apr 2008 12:33 PM:

What are the list of fonts that can be safely removed from Windows Vista? Thanks.

# Michael S. Kaplan on 29 Apr 2008 12:45 PM:

Sounds like one for the suggestion box?

# Alvin on 29 Apr 2008 2:01 PM:

I looked anywhere I can at the internet but I can't find the list.

# Michael S. Kaplan on 29 Apr 2008 5:16 PM:


I am not disagreeing with you. I am suggesting that if you want me to blog about it at some point that you put it in *my* suggestion box.

# steve haigh on 16 Sep 2008 1:55 AM:

does anyone know if there is a "universal" font in vista like Arial Unicode MS was in XP?


i'm writing a multi-language game and don't want to have to load several fonts, one for each language.

thanks, steve

# Michael S. Kaplan on 16 Sep 2008 3:06 AM:

As I have mentioned before, this is not a good way to add language support.

But if you choose your font wisely can rely on the OS to find fonts for you that will work for every script the OS supports....

Mike Landis on 13 Aug 2009 5:59 PM:

Do you know if there are any difference between the availability of fonts (families & sizes) on Pocket PC 2002, 2003 second edition, versus Windows Mobile 5 & 6 ?

Can you post them or refer readers to a documentation page?

Thanks, Mike

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