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by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2006/11/05 16:15 -05:00, original URI:

Live from Romania, Christian Secară asks:

Hi Michael,

The keyboard layouts here are scheduled for an update, or are forgotten ?
As you may guess, I am referring specially to the Romanian layouts :)

Best wishes,

Now I know one of the reasons that he is interested in the answer to this question is that his feedback was instrumental in getting the old layout fixed (more on this soon!) and the two new layouts added (more on this soon, too!).

(These posts will also cover other interesting Romanian issues)

Well, Cristi is right, the Windows Keyboard Layouts page has not been updated since XP SP2, which means that although they have all the new language keyboard layouts I mentioned in Lions and tigers and bearsELKs, Oh my!, they have none of the later ones I mentioned in ELK Stampede! even. And certainly this means that none of the additional language keyboard layouts added for Vista  are there, either....

On the other hand, the entire Global Development and Computing Portal has been quiet lately, as has Dr. International's blog. These two sites are very related as the same force is really behind both of them, and that force has been working hard on Vista. But the updates will come eventually, so hang in there Cristi!

In the meantime, if you follow the steps I have mentioned in this blog to get MSKLC installed on Vista, it makes for a very easy way to review almost any layout on Windows, including the three of the Vista Romanian layouts....


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