Setting the location in unattend?

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2006/03/10 13:01 -05:00, original URI:

Alistair asked me via email:

V.quick question (I am contacting you as I can see you are an expert in this area from your excellent blog entries ;-)

Do you happen to know how I can automate changing the location listed in the "Location" field in the "Regional and Language Options" control panel (first tab and the bottom)

I need to change this for imaged installs and / or post install.

I can use sysprep.inf [RegionalSettings] and / or rundll32 (rundll32.exe shell32,Control_RunDLL intl.cpl,,/f:"<file.inf>").
This changes most of the stuff I need to change fine.

However "Location" listed in this dialog does not seem to change irrespective of what I enter.

Do you happen to know what sysprep.inf entry maps to this dialog. Also if it's possible to modify this by using rundll32 ?

Well, there is of course a function call that can do it -- SetUserGeoID. I know this does kind of violate the bit of social engineering we have in place to try to keep developers from calling functions to change user settings, but we inherited this function. :-)

But, as Alistair indicated, that KB article does not detail a way to change the location setting from sysprep.inf or the later run with intl.cpl directly (both of them go through the same engine).

As far as I have been able to gather, this setting is not available in the setup/pre-setup case -- perhaps we are lucky that no one seems to be using the GEO stuff?

(I am admittedly hoping that someone from the team will correct me if I am mistaken, though my hopes are not high at this point)

Note that in Vista we do support this particular setting, along with some other stuff (I'll be posting soon on the new features and syntax)....


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