MSKLC and 64-bit

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PaulGor asked in the Suggestion Box:

Sorry, could not find a way to write this comment on the existing KLC-related page at

Here is the question:
apparently MS KLC does not work correctly under Windows XP 64 (several people already wrote that to me because they tried to create Russian Phonetic layout) - it looks like it lets you to create a custom layout but then a use cannot use such layout -
it is visible in the list but if a use tries to load it, s/he sees error message, "Windows could not properly load xx keyboard layout"

The above is in line though with specs on that state that it's a tool only for Windows 2000/XP/2003

Are there plans to make MS KLC work under Windows XP 64?


I think, somewhere within the following posts:

the answer lies. :-)

You cannot currently build keyboards for IA64, AMD64, or WOW64 (the 32-bit layer than runs on 64-bit platforms).

And to answer Paul's question more explicitly, it is an important issue and is definitely under consideration for a future version. At that point, the question of supported platforms will also be discussed, so the issue will definitely get attention from people who make decisions about this sort of thing....


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