Anyone having trouble with MSKLC on an x64 machine?

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2005/06/18 01:50 -04:00, original URI:

The other day, Andreas Henriksson asked me

I had no idea where to post bug-reports, and you seem to be the author that's why I'm contacting you in person.

I recently bought a new computer with Windows XP x64-edition, since then I've been trying to get my custom keyboard layout working on it. The layout I've previously generated on "regular" XP didn't work (they where claimed to be invalid when switched to), and neighter did installing MSKLC on x64 ("Missing .NET Framework", which if I'm not completely wrong comes preinstalled on x64 as well as 2003 and all newer Windows-versions.).

It would be great if you could comment on it on your blog so I'd know for sure, or even better if the bug could be fixed. :)

When I first got this email, I'll admit I panicked a bit. It ought to work, after all. So I went over to talk to the main tester for MSKLC -- the one talked about when I mentioned that international test is an art (and why there are few fine artists). 'Kanya,' I asked, 'could this really be happening?' She had never seen a problem like this before, but she gave it a try and had no problems, installing or building the layouts.

Which is not to say there is not a limitation here -- the tool only creates keyboard layouts that sit in an i386 directory for a reason -- if it built IA64 or AMD64 or x64, then it would have directories for the other platform, too. That is definitely something that will have to wait for the next version, sorry!

# Andreas Henriksson on 29 Jun 2005 12:49 PM:

Thanks for looking at this!
I guess I'll have to investigate why I can't even run the installer without running into problems because of "missing .net framework", but since (if I understood everything correctly) I won't be able to generate a working layout anyway I might just wait for that next version (or maybee even end this test and go back to plain old 32bit Windows).
Everything else I've tried has worked like a charm though! I assumed there would be alot of problems with x64 compability but except for this minor incident there has been no problems at all! Thanks for a job well done!

Andreas Henriksson

# Michael S. Kaplan on 22 Sep 2008 1:28 PM:

FYI to _tech_guru_papa_:

I am not going to publish your comment since it has nothing whatsoever to do with the subject here. You can stop trying to submit it. Thanks....

# _tech_guru_papa_ on 7 Oct 2008 8:03 AM:

Hello Everybody

This post opens set of articles devoted to computer security.


No, it doesn't.

PLEASE find somewhere else to do this, somewhere where you are at least nominally on-topic. You are just embarrassing yourself, Carl.

BlueHornet on 18 Jul 2009 4:48 AM:

This look interesting,so far.

If there's anyone else here,  let me know.

Oh, and yes I'm a real person LOL.


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