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by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2005/06/06 07:21 -04:00, original URI:

Three new entries in the list of the Blogs I Read, given here in in the order I have added them. :-)

ABECEDARIA (A blog about keyboarding in diverse scripts, literacy and digital literacy, and the history of writing system theory.)

Suzanne E. McCarthy has just started up a blog and commented on some of what is here in this blog. Looking at her subtitle she is casting a very wide net, but her posts thus far certainly do seem to indicate this is not over-reaching. I may be crazy here, but I think she talks like maybe she is a linguist! She has some excellent posts about children learning on computers about input methods before they could even read and general points about more intelligent input systems, posts that can make any reasonable person (or even someone like me!) question whether the model for some of the keyboards that are used is as intuitive as it could be. Anyway, I am going to keep an eye on this one and perhaps find out more about what she does and where -- what brings people into any aspect of globalization is something I always find facinating....

Technical Careers @ Microsoft (with Gretchen, your friendly recruiting ambassador)

This is Gretchen Ledgard's blog, with a lot of good recruiting info in it (plus other random goodies). I actually got to meet Gretchen yesterday here at TechEd 2005 in Orlando, and she told me something that blew me away. She said she was a fan of this blog! She has long been one of the blogs I picked up via new posts on MSDN Blogs from even back when it was Zoë and Gretchen, but something about that particular statement floored me. People have done it before by talking about opinions they formed before they ever even met me, with such statements about my presence on technical forums in CompuServe (e.g. my former occasional co-author Lynn Caldwell neé Shanklin) and in technical newsgroups (e.g. my favorite MVP "groupie" Nancy Mahaffey). The thought of someone being a fan of my online persona is interesting to me, for reasons I cannot identify. As always, I will try not to disappoint!

scooblog by josh ledgard (program manager | "community stick-wielder" | devdiv)

I am truly a disciple of Gretchen's husband Josh Ledgard and his blog, which has allowed me to shape the way my blog looks and feels. By doing all of the spluenking into customizations of .Text and then Community Server, he is truly my CSS Rosetta Stone. You know how sometimes you wait until someone has cleared the snow before you go out into it? That is the relationship I have with Josh (well, the one my blog has with his blog, you know what I mean). I also met Josh yesterday here at TechEd 2005 in Orlando, and that was very cool (he helped me figure out how to get invited places!). It was about time to not just follow him via MSDN Blogs and to just start picking up his RSS directly....

And then there is my niece, who is now nine months old. Her dad really needs to teach her how to put in an RSS feed! And my sister-out-law, who also ought to put one in.

# Colin on 6 Jun 2005 7:25 AM:

Do you read Qalam? It's a group, not a blog, but it's all about writing systems and it has an RSS feed:


# Michael S. Kaplan on 6 Jun 2005 7:27 AM:

I currently stay away from Yahoo groups except when I cannot in any way avoid it (which has me dowm to two, one professional and one personal)....

# Vatsan on 6 Jun 2005 6:49 PM:

Get your niece to do that and I bet Scoble would be mightily pleased with his RSS evangelism :) J/K

# JobsBlog on 7 Jun 2005 1:21 PM:

Michael - I will try really hard not to stalk you now. :) Seriously though, it's been great getting to know the guy behind the blog! You're just as weird in person as you are on your blog ;-)

# Michael S. Kaplan on 7 Jun 2005 1:56 PM:

I know that Gretchen is not a stalker, so I am not worried.

I am probably even weirder in person!

# phart on 8 Jun 2005 4:18 PM:
is a good read too.

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