Another one black and blue at Tech Ed Orlando

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2005/06/03 03:15 -04:00, original URI:

Betsy Aoki pointed out that she was going to be black and blue at TechEd Orlando, and I realized that I would be, too.

This is referring to the colors we'll be wearing, the blue shirts we'll both have (though I think my shirt will be dark and hers will be light, since I'm a speaker and she is staff? Maybe I read the mail wrong).

I know that I certainly won't be a booth babe.

Maybe I will be a lounge lizard.

Or a cabana clown.

Whatever. But here is my staff/speaking schedule:

Date Time   Place
June 06    10:00am - 12:00pm    Dr. International's Clinic
  03:15pm - 04:30pm    DAT290: Designing Multilingual Databases Using SQL Server 2005
June 07    10:00am - 12:00pm    Dr. International's Clinic
  02:00pm - 04:00pm    Dr. International's Clinic
June 08    01:00pm - 05:00pm    Dr. International's Clinic
June 09    09:00am - 11:00am    Dr. International's Clinic
  01:00pm - 03:00pm    Dr. International's Clinic
June 10    09:00am - 01:00pm    Dr. International's Clinic
  02:45pm - 04:00pm    DBA319: Best Practices for Search in Multilingual Datasets Using SQL Server Collation and Indexing











And the rest of the time I will be attending other people's sessions or BOFs or GrokTalks or hooking up with people I know for a drink or dinner or whatever.

I know that Wes will be there, and Scott will be speaking about Code Generation (ARC305) -- I have to be a clinic clown then or I'd attend!. And Mary will be there on staff, just like Betsy. And Andy will be speaking with Tim about Access 2003 (PRT311) -- I am working then, too -- but I can catch the last half of that talk, at least. And Stephen and Richard are both speaking about Transact SQL (DBA304) but are actually head to head with me so I will have to pretend we are enemies or something (I'll figure out how to do that with people who I have walked the streets of Amsterdam with, somehow). And I also managed to miss Richard's other talk too about SQL Profiler (DAT383) -- man, I am batting zero here! And there is Ken speaking about VSTO (CLI361), but I miss that one, too. And Michele is gonna be there -- I miss her first talk on Web Services Security (CSI349) but I didn't need to see that one. Her second talk on Going Global with ASP.Net though (WEB326), I am definitely interested in -- and I am free then. Cool. Unfortunately, I miss both of Kate's talks about Visual C++ (DEV330 and DEV331), which sucks a little -- I will try to say hi to her later since we have not actually met yet in person. And Aaron is speaking -- his session on least privilege (SEC350) has been in my list for a while and I am free for that one, too. I am not free for Matt and Achim's talk about custom cultures (DEV323) but I wrote the code for many of the features they are going to talk about (and even helped to tear apartreview their slides), so thats okay :-). And the fair Teresa will be there on staff - she hates when I call her Tracy so I'll try to resist the temptation since that is just not how vice presidents are supposed to behave with Madame President. And I am free for Andrew's talk on WinForm's Data Binding (CLI322) -- also very cool -- snf my second talk builds on some part of this one a little bit. I am head to head up against Houman and Russ and their Global Release Planning talk (ARC303), so I'll have to look at the slides later. I will definitely be at Julie's BoF about Life on the Bleeding Edge (BOF031) -- wanna know my secret, Julie? I never sleep! I might have tried to attend her other BOF about women who code (BOF016) if they would have let me in. Mainly I am curious about the issue but then I work in a group at Microsoft that has more women then some divisions seem to have, so my view may be skewed on that subject. But I get to see what is the most important (to me) of Kimberly's four talks, the one on Index Usage and Best Practices (DBA305) -- most important because I get to build on it with my second session a few days later!

Ok, thats enough. I am out of breath now. Time to go do some actual work for a bit....

UPDATE 26 June 2005 -- I realized after I had posted this that not everyone had the context of my comments about Matt and Achim's DEV323 session. I was the original author of a lot of the features that they were presenting about, and as such was heavily involved with a lof the planning, and spent a lof time wanting to make sure that everything was being covered that I would ideally want to see covered. I did not truly "tear apart" anything as much as suggest more things to cover!

# Michael S. Kaplan on 3 Jun 2005 6:27 AM:

Of course I forgot a bunch of people -- Mike is gonna be there, and he is a cool MVP. And Gary is gonna be there -- he wants me to write a book. The list goes ever on and on....

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