A few sorta random things I recall about some of my past memorable, unorthodox relationships, part #2

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Feel free as with the blog post yesterday to ignore all or part of this blog post which is entirely off topic by any reasonable standard....

Fast forward a few years, and I was now working as president of Trigeminal Software and aa a contract developer for Microsoft. The year was 1999 and I was making a great living doing Y2K reviews/repairs for companies other than Microsoft and many of the Microsoft contracts that I blogged about here and here.

Then I decided that having a grown up job really ought to go along with grown up things like a corporate logo and a slightly more impressive website than the one that I had up that was authored in Notepad.

I hired a designer to do both and she did an excellent job that I was quite pleased with and I asked her if she wanted to be my webmaster and take formal named credit for the work and such.

I should mention at this point that we hadn't even met in person.

She stopped me, admitted that she had previously worked as an adult film star, and expressed concerned that her past might affect my company's reputation or Microsoft's.

She obviously didn't understand how the geek subculture worked.  ;-)

But we compromised by having her take the job as my Webmistress and she even created a small avatar for the site while she held the job:

She also gave me the cool binary geek background image:

or the version of the logo with the pronunciation (confusion about that has always been a problem for non medical clients, including Microsoft):

Eventually we met and shortly afterwards started dating/having a kinda romantic relationship. Once again I was exposed to an entirely different viewpoint of the world that I found utterly fascinating, and I also learned how unrealistic sex actually is in an adult film -- not just for people outside the industry (which I already knew myself from my own experience!)  but for people inside it as well.

I recently blogged about this relationship here.

A small number of people at Microsoft knew about it and about the autographed movie poster hanging on the wall in my office there. I don't think most people even realized it.... ;-)

I am not including the poster here because her name and likeness is nobody else's business!

Additionally, a speaking gig in Amsterdam for SDGN (Software Development Group Netherlands) where a few of my colleagues wanted to search for a copy of one of her movies, which I adamantly refused to watch on principle even if we did find it (thankfully, we didn't).

Eventually, we parted ways and for a short while I wouldn't need to travel to southern California quite so regularly, though I got past that eventually (a topic for another blog post on another day!).

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