Something happened.

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2015/08/11 14:09 +00:00, original URI:

This is actually *not* a blog about Windows 10 or any errors that its setup might give you under less than optimal circumstances. But I thought people might appreciate the irony in the art:

Alternative art of The Church Lady saying "Isn't that special?" might have been cool but I figure more people have had problems with Windows 10 than recognize an old SNL sketch (no offense intended to Dana Carvey!).

Anyway, as I was saying....

Something happened.

It happened on Sunday, August 9th at ~3:40 pm.

I was RIF'ed from Microsoft.

Kinda redundant to be part of an official Reduction In Force since I have been on Short/Long Term Disability since March of 2014, but I guess that they had to do it eventually once they decided I wasn't recovering fast enough.

It means that I was not eligible to go to Windows 10 ship party, but I probably wasn't going to go anyhow.

Just putting it out there if you wanted to email me at my Microsoft email address; it is not valid anymore.

I am *not* dead and really does want any rumors starting up just because Microsoft had other things to do.

I had just been sent an email informing me that some stock was going to vest at the end of August. But going down that road leads Dana Carvey deja vu or something, and everyone knows that nothing useful comes from that.

No word yet on the money they owe me for lost and/or damaged stuff, and no word on the 75% of three days plus 60% of three days overpayment that was sent to collections, but I expect that I'll find out about how they plan to settle that soon enough.

FWIW, all this crap appeals to the cynic in me. In the end, I can just say IT FIGURES and leave satisfied that I expected no better of them...

So one more time: I have not died, I've just lost my job. The one that I have been out on disability for a while now. If any of these things make what I have to say less interesting, then feel free to unfollow me on Twitter, unfriend me on Facebook, or unwhatever me on LinkedIn then I won't take any offense.

So long Microsoft; thanks for all the fish....

# WndSks on 2015-08-13 13:06:57:

This really sad news Michael, not just for you but for the entire Windows ISV ecosystem as well. You always tried to help people and you have posted a ton of clarifications, corrections and generally useful information about under-documented things in Windows and we are all better off because of you and this blog. Thank you!

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