The 'Why I hate the ADA' talk I did @ Ignite Seattle a few years ago

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2015/07/31 20:37 +00:00, original URI:

This blog post is not about Windows 10....

A few years ago, I presented a talk at Ignite Seattle, a group of fast paced talks (20 slides, 10 seconds per slide, for a total of five minutes per talk.

It was originally inspired by Pecha Kucha aka ペチャクチャ In Japan.

The talk was designed to shock and was named Why I hate the A.D.A., right after my world tour which included Tamil Nadu, the Playboy mansion, CES, and the AEE.

The talk about the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990  was slightly controversial because a few of the reviewers thought some of the slides were too risqué and several others thought they were too tame. In the end, they accepted the presentation and the talk wen pretty well.

Although it doesn't appear to be available online any longer, I ran across the slides on my phone and converted them into an MP4 video file and put them on YouTube here.

I still hate the ADA, because it doesn't go far enough, especially for people in wheelchairs. If you are interested and have five minutes to watch my twenty slides, then enjoy 'em here....

By  the way, if the Ignite folks can point out the video to me, I will happily link to it instead!

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