She said 'I am going to tell you something a lot of guys don't know'

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pretty damn offtopic beyond corny 'cunning linguist' puns....

The question that Dana asked me the other day was:

Is there a connection between your Alphabet Soup' blog post and the episode of Friends where Monica talked about the seven erogenous zones that all women have?

Well, connection is a tricky word to use here.

Chronologically, the blog post While vacationing, idle random thoughts on the potential influence of Unicode on Alphabet Soup' was first posted on December 25, 2007. The episode of Friends titled 'The One With Phoebe's Uterus' first aired as the eleventh episode of the fourth season. So with the entire series over before the Blog itself even started (let alone the one episode and blog post in question), there can be no claim on the basis of chronology.

Topically, there is clearly some relationship, though clearly these are two entirely different philosophical approaches to roughly the same basic issue, both of which may have some merit, as teaching techniques if nothing else. Although I can unofficially claim the validity of the former, I have no way to judge the validity of the latter since Monica Gellar's diagram was never seen on camera and seemed more specifically geared toward her, which worked out well in their fictional universe since Chandler Bing ended up marrying Monica Gellar so they would have a fun piece of their dating mythology if their characters actually existed.

But beyond that, it is difficult to believe that there is some secret easy way to solve the whole issue of giving someone pleasure. It always takes effort and caring about the effort (not to mention the person!), and hoping for some kind of simple technique is unlikely to ever get anywhere.

The two approaches also seem aimed at different targets, with one more focused on paying attention to a relatively small area and the other aimed at targeting seven different areas in sequence:

But I will leave it for the reader to decide, in any case....

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