Trying to build some kind of a narrative #2 (my own personal learnings...)

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2015/07/13 16:03 +00:00, original URI:

not in any way technical....

When last we left our hero Michael, he had left one high school the first week of his senior year in Beachwood, Ohio and graduated from another one in Philadelphia, PA.

Immediate college plans were delayed because the University of Pennsylvania was no longer going to be an option and Brown had become geographically inconvenient.

Ironic that Providence was not so provident, but she was going to RISD. Providence, RI was/is too small.

Then a marriage and a divorce. Entirely my fault, as you could probably guess. Never get married on the rebound....

Eventually I ended up in Vernon, CT. To save money I took on a roommate which was a whole new education for me. It was really the first time I was living with someone that I was neither related to or married to.

To make things even *more* complicated, we were both attracted to the same kind of woman. And we were both working as contractors for the same company. Seems like a recipe for disaster, with two different people in their twenties both attracted to dark haired, dark eyed, Jill Hennessy types. We would be in direct competition!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="377"] Jill Hennessey[/caption]


Well almost.

Because *she* was a lesbian. And she had much better gaydar than I did. So she would have a lot more insiBoght into who might possibly be interested in her, and who might be interested in me.

We even occasionally watched adult videos, and would talk about which female stars were straight in real life, and which ones preferred women in real life.

Brandy Alexandre? Straight.

Barbara Dare? Bi, preferring women.

Savannah? Lesbian. And unhappy.

Jeanna Fine? Bi. Bi++, even.

Selena Steele? We never could decide. Even after looking at several of her movies, including one named The Tease that we bought because of a cool scene with a pillow and Lauren Hall (who both of us decided was totally straight, by the way!).

But Selena Steele? We never could figure it out.


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="199"] 'Selena Steele" by Bob K (D.B)'[/caption]

We even tried to figure a way to catch her act when she was dancing. Though we never found out for sure.

Eventually, I moved out when her new girlfriend who didn't want even a platonic male roommate.

But I never forgot what I learned about the importance of having good gaydar. And respecting lesbians. And not assuming that I always know either way.

And that Jill Hennessey is straight. And married....

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