Fixing up broken and semi broken blog posts, as needed?

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2015/07/08 14:04 +00:00, original URI:

Right now I am trying to get better, because being out on disability is not as much fun as you might think that it would be.

I mean there is working with physical therapy and occupational therapy and my neurologist at UWMC and my physiatrist at Virginia Mason and all the exercises that they give me to do and the medications that they ask me to take.

I don't blame Microsoft for overpaying me by six days over the last year and then taking me to collections for the amount. Even the IRS is baffled by their behavior here, asking me in hushed tones "aren't they supposed to be smart there?"

"I don't expect that their payroll department has any special talents in this particular regard!" I quip.

These days I distract myself from all those medical things I mentioned and my underlying multiple sclerosis by reading, watching television/movies, and writing blog posts.

And occasionally fixing some.

You see, I have had the Blog up for roughly a decade, hosting images across three different sites. So nowadays when someone complains to me that a particular blog post and/or the images within it are broken, I have to take the time to investigate whether the problem for the specific blog is:

• Microsoft's fault for the unconventional way they tried to take down the Blog by revoking my privileges, or

• The guy at FMS who saved the site for the way a particular image hosted there is not rendering properly, or

• a problem with the actual migration, or

• some other cause entirely.

Now just to give a couple of examples of ones that I have fixed, like What do you get when you combine a base character with a buttload of diacritics?  and the one that it links to with the text atop it of the text Just because you can't see it doesn't mean that it isn't there to talk about ZWJ, ZWNJ, the effect of the Sinhalese native name of Sri Lanka and the pragmatic effect of Unicode on a political situation. Both of those blog posts are important in my opinion , and should be preserved and therefore fixed.

Another blog post like the Apocalypse Font one is definitely about the way the domain is hosting images and given time I can fix it if I don't just decide that it isn't worth the effort in that particular case.

I'll just have to take them on a case by case situation, and see how everything goes....

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