On how The Finder got himself lost, DNR tattoos, and more

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Aever so slightly kinda offtopic....

It started with a series of books. Well, with two books known as The Locator written by Richard Greener. As books go, they were okay, but I didn't feel very inspired. Either as books or as Audible titles.

Bones Exec VP Hart Hanson put in a backdoor pilot in the 6th season episode of Bones named The Finder. It became a new series that only lasted 13 episodes after which amazing actor Michael Clarke Duncan passed away.

Geoff Stults (Walter Sherman) was great but Fox re-orged Saffron Burrows (Ike Latulippe) out and killed Mini Anden off in the pilot. Putting in Mercedes Masohn and Maddie Hasson wasn't enough to make the series interesting enough to survive the termination due to ratings expectation disappointment.

Yet much of the original series mythology was built into that backdoor pilot, from the legal advisor and bartender/pilot and "Finder" and the idea of a steady stream of clients who (like everybody) have lost things that need to be found. From Ike's hilarious misuse of the English language to the game with arguing about two different terms on a blackboard to detailed explanation from Walter about how "The Finder Power" worked from his point of view.

The viewer hardly minds that the usual Bones team is showed up by the small Finder crew and the lady with "Do Not Resuscitate" tattooed across her chest who is murdered during the attempt to find a chart fragment. And it even implied time zone issues. Oh, and Akashwani....

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="720"] Akswani...[/caption]

I was sorry to see it go, but I thought it never really lived up to the promise of its backdoor pilot on Bones. The lady played by Mini Anden with the Do Not Resuscitate ink across her chest led to several different interesting conversations with medical professionals who may or may not had such a tattoo but certainly understood the underlying feeling that could lead to an inking like that.

More allied health professionals than one might want do not necessarily feel comfortable with being caught up inside the very system they are so devoted to supporting from the outside.

Speaking as someone who is quite caught up in the web of that system, it would almost tend to make me feel nervous if not for my underlying cynicism keeping me from taking it too serious anyway.

While I won't have Brittney's tattoo inked on me, that doesn't mean that I think that the medical/pharmaceutical conglomerate really has enough of the answers. At this point I'm just glad that I haven't been murdered for not recognizing the proper longitudinal coordinates from the point of view of a closet Jesuit when the Jesuits had been out of favor with the Pope at the time of the sinking of a particular pirate ship and its treasure.

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