Updating MSKLC (part 2) for the sake of being ARMed somehow?

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2015/06/10 13:35 +00:00, original URI: http://www.siao2.com/2015/06/10/8770668856267196474.aspx

First, link to part 1....

Now that I have established that the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator) is fine as it is architecturally, I need to undermine that claim.

Because one the most exciting reasons to do the freaking update was Windows on ARM support, and thus a very natural and reasonable question (now that the case has been made) is whether MSKLC would support the ARM platform.

My obvious question of the people asking was what they meant.

Did they mean authoring keyboard layouts on an MSKLC that runs on the ARM platform (whether for Windows Phone or for ARM tablets like the Surface and/or both, or do they mean authoring the keyboard layouts on an x86/x64 platform that could be installed on one or both of those potentially available ARM devices?

Once they realized that their one question was actually gonna result in up to six different questions and that they really hadn't thought of which question or questions they intended, they were not sure what they were asking anymore.

At that point, I took pity on them and said that actual answers were going to have to be provided for all of those questions.

And I said that the very important people who had previously given approval were now doing  entirely different things and that Microsoft was now a whole different company now, so that it was a whole new game now anyway.

These questions would have to be answered, obviously. And they will be, in an upcoming part of this series (or rather several of them!)....

As a bonus, some very interesting accessibility issues are raised here as well. After spending al of this time while I am out on disability blogging much more on my phone or Surface rather than my laptop, I have some new insights on all of those scenarios.

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