It turns out Rita *did* remember me. And she forgives me....

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2015/05/26 13:49 +00:00, original URI:

It was way back in the beginning of 2008 that I blogged about how My name is Dragutsky, Michael Dragutsky and it was probably almost a year before that I pretty much wrote about this, my possible family connection to the actor and comedian Gabe Kaplan that I was always told existed until I planned to write about it in that blog post, at which point a disclaimer was recommended.

I bemoaned the fact that I had misled a young graduate student named Rita, even though it was done unintentionally. I even dedicated that blog post to her.

A few years later, she emailed me!

She admitted that it was while essentially Google stalking me, basically checking my story.

Still feeling guilty, I apologized once again. But she forgave me my trespasses, and pointed out that they weren't really trespasses anyway since she was a consenting adult (we both were), and it was a great story at least. I then described my failure to verify the accuracy of the story with Gabe Kaplan, who is now perhaps best known as a celebrity poker player.

Though she reminded me that I *had* sent her flowers the next day, which kind of belies the whole 'one night stand' thing a little. And she pointed out how easy of a time she had finding me with a simple Google search with the keywords KAPLAN DRAGUTSKY.

She also pointed out that she obviously knew much more about me than I knew of her, since she had the whole Blog to use as a source. Oops!

After chatting a bit further, we ended the conversation on friendly terms. Although she made it clear that she knew how to get a hold of me if she needed someone to fix her computer! ;-)

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