Oops they did it again!

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2015/05/14 13:58 +00:00, original URI: http://www.siao2.com/2015/05/14/8770668856267196420.aspx

It's hard to know who to blame.

Maybe I should explain what *IT* is.

It all started with Fractions may be your friend, but they can trip you up at Microsoft where some basic inability for some small part of microsoft to handle basic fractions led them to accidentally overpay by a few days.

And it continued on with Microsoft can really be a bully, sometimes where some other part of Microsoft is screwing me out of stuff they broke during a hasty move while another part of Microsoft was taking me to collections to get that small overpayment refunded.

Now without any provocation, six months after the first overpayment, they overpay me again. When they had no reason to, since they haven't paid me themselves for all that time.

Premera? They are just my health insurance coverage, helping me with my recovery.

Prudential? They are just my long term disability insurance coverage, helping me to do the same.

The Internal Revenue Service? Both the first 75% three day overpayment and the second 60% three day overpayment had all appropriate taxes withheld due to Microsoft's efficiency in such matters even when they shouldn't be doing it. So they are probably really happy that they're being paid either way, and even the small errors are unlikely to trigger a field audit due to the small amount.

Microsoft? Annoying as hell that they're stressing me out while I should be focusing on my recovery rather than their silly accounting smudges, but I'm too cynical to let it get to me. I doubt that they even realize it's happening anyway.

At this point, I will write it all off to one part of Microsoft (the part sending me to collections) and another part of Microsoft (the part that continues to keep overpaying me) are experiencing the corporate equivalent of guilt and trying to repay me for the stuff they broke and trying to compensate me without admitting any wrongdoing in the process.

Awful nice of them under the circumstances, now that you think about it! 😉

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