The Mumps and several of The Monks, revisited

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2015/03/18 14:09 +00:00, original URI:

It was some time ago that I wrote the blog post about The Mumps, The Monks, The Monks, and the monks.

It was back in October of 2008, in fact.

I recently realized something important.

Now I was immunized for the mumps years ago -- so I never had them.

And I never saw the band The Mumps.

Also I never saw the band The Monks from the 1960s.

Or the band The Monks from the 1970s.

Though I have certainly heard all of the latter three bands via vinyl and other formats over the years.

I have certainly never spent a lot of time hearing the chanting of the monks from the 1700s, though I have occasionally heard of other monks since then in Ireland and Italy.

(some of which was previously discussed in that blog post from 2008 @

But since then I have heard much more from a couple of Monks who have proven to be much more relevant to me, professionally and personally.

Not just a couple of Monks.

But a Monk couple.

David and Stephanie Monk, to be precise!

They have been friends in real life and via email and on Facebook and via both the original Blog and several of the blogs on it and the reconstituted Blog and several of the blogs on *it*.

These days, they are easily the best Monks in my life!

I wonder if either of them ever had the mumps or listened to The Mumps or The Monks or The Monks or the monks.

Just to bring it all full circle? ;-)

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