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by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2013/10/30 15:02 +01:00, original URI:

So I got an email from Benham Esfehbod, one of the people watching my The Story of MSKLC talk at IUC 37.

Hi Michael,

Good to see you at the conference.

As I told you, I haven't had access to any Windows 8 machine to try out the new Persian Standard keyboard layout that you've added, and I'm wondering if you have ZWNJ mapped on Shift+Space or not, since MSKLC does (or used to) not allow "non-space" characters be put on any level of the Space key.

Also, now that we're talking about ZWNJ and Persian keyboard layouts, I was wondering if you would consider adding ZWNJ on Shift+Space for the Microsoft Persian layout. This is the something I did a while back and published as "Enhanced Microsoft Persian Keyboard", [1] which based on what I hear, has been ver well-received.



Well, I can always look at loosening up the definition of what is legal for the space character.

To be honest, we always have good reasons for wanting to keep the rules tight, but every time we change anything the definition gets loosened more.

And ZWNJ is a worthy one to consider.

I will look into it for the future....

Thanks for the great suggestion!! 😏😏

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