It *was* only a little bit about me, but you can't claim I wasn't involved at all!

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2013/10/24, original URI:

Regular readers may recall when I blogged a blog in this Blog titled Unicode 6.3 just came out, and it's [pretty much all] about us, and [a little bit] about me!.

Well, here at the IUC, Lisa was giving plaques to all the people who were involved with the most significant change to the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm in years, and I wasn't included. 😒😞


Technically, she was right; all I did was have the idea, and help Sergey with the Internet Explorer implementation. I talked to Andrew but I wasn't directly involved with the engagement with Unicode.

So I was just the bit of yeast, nothing more.

But it's a funny thing about yeast, and what happens if you don't include it.

No bread!

No worries. I talked to Andrew Glass, and he will talk to Lisa the UTC chair. And so eventually I will get my plaque.

One can never have enough plaques on the shelf, right?

It can go right next to the Unicode Bulldog Award and the Ship It plaque and the Patent plaque. An honorable place to rest.

Because yes, it was only a little bit about me.

But it was my idea. So it was enough about me for that, at least!

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