Any Phone App developers out there reading here? I need an App for my next Nokia Lumia...

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2013/10/03 08:00 +01:00, original URI:

I need an App.

On my phone.

Its job is almost deceptively simple.

So simple that there must be something complicated about it that makes it difficult.

There is an App out there in the Store called Group Tiles by vSoft Studios that comes close and sets up the framework to accomplish the task, but doesn't get the job done, in the end.

And there's another App out there called Name Group of Tiles by Naveen Kumar L that comes even closer and he even provides an email address, so I'll definitely send him to this blog when it's published to see if he can help here, or if he's already getting it done and I'm missing it.

I also need to get some of my friends on the Windows Phone 8 team to see if they can help.

One thing is for sure and for certain: I'm not getting a new Nokia Lumia Windows Phone without having this App in my toolbox.

*Somebody has got to get this App developed.

And the sooner, the better! 😏;-)

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