Building 86 is now completely accessible!

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2013/09/05 07:00 -04:00, original URI:

So in days past when I talked of other things, like in The top 10 reasons the people responsible for Building 86 should be glad Jews don't believe there's a Hell and "My old group? I couldn't really reach them anymore, so I talked to my people and had them 86'd...", some amazing thing happened.

With the help of an amazing contact Tiffany in HR/Benefits, and at the cost of probably half a million to Facilities, Reasons #09 to #02 were completely handled, and I was able to move back to Building 86.

I did lose my window office in the Partner Solutions Center, but I was pretty much working from home during that time.

It is really great to be back with the team in 86, so I could get my job done and see the people who I am working with and have been working with.

Now in the final bit of irony on the whole situation, it turns out that I may not be able to get the home health care that I wanted, covered by insurance at least.

The reason? Because I am not working from home like I was for most of the time I was in 25/1444, I am n longer eligible.

Perhaps you aren't sure why that would be ironic.

Well, Microsoft is self-pay for health insurance - they just have Premera Blue Cross administer the plan. So the facilities part of Microsoft spending $500,000 kept the insurance part of Microsoft from having to pay.

If you ask me, they could have let me keep working from home and saved the money! 😏;-)

Oh well. Maybe I'll appeal the decision - that *is* how I got the iBOT 4000 four years back.

It worked last time, so what do I have to lose by trying at least?

Kathy on 5 Sep 2013 6:08 PM:

I've always wondered how you got the iBOT covered :)

Michael S. Kaplan on 6 Sep 2013 8:07 AM:

On first Premara Blue Cross! ;-)

Michael S. Kaplan on 7 Sep 2013 5:14 AM:

Maybe I should take an office in  Building 84, to make them fix the accessibility story there?

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