To those of you who thought I was overpromising and underdelivering, you weren't wrong, but I was...

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2013/07/16, original URI:

Back on June 25th, I bravely blogged a blog in this Blog titled ...the [World-Readiness] phoenix shall rise anew! (aka Note to self: check out my junk a little more often!).

As a brave follow-up to an earlier blog in this Blog titled Out of the ashes of the old... a month earlier.

And then no one heard from me for over three weeks!

Some of you probably didn't even notice.

Some of you thought I was being coy.

Others of you thought I was overpromising and underdelivering.

They were not too far off, ironically enough!

Today's content-free blog is to explain what happened to those of you who hung in there....

I started having tonic-clonic (formerly grand mal) seizures, poorly controlled by 125mg of Keppra BID.

Tonic–clonic seizures (formerly known as grand mal seizures, ICD-9 code 780.39) are a type of generalized seizure that affects the entire brain. Tonic–clonic seizures are the seizure type most commonly associated with epilepsy and seizures in general, though it is a misconception that they are the only type.

After I was hospitalized and they raised the dose to 250mg of Keppra BID, the tonic-clonic seizures were well controlled.

But the simple partial seizures had their days with me, and lost me a perfectly good pair of glasses they still haven't found yet.

And the complex partial seizures left me confused and eventually hospitalized again, due to the expressive aphasia they caused.

With my dose finally raised to 2000mg BID, I was left with only simple partial seizures, which (once I put them on a string so I wouldn't lose them anymore) were something I could live with....

So now, starting tomorrow, I will start blogging again, for real.

You don't have to believe me, but if you don't then this time you'll be wrong! :-)

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