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by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2013/03/27 07:01 -04:00, original URI:

The other day, in Microsoft Word: 15 -- Microsoft Windows: 0, I wrote about a case where everyone ignored Windows and did their own thing.

Generally speaking, what Word in particular did was useful to more people than it wasn't.

But over in the Suggestion Box, Ernst Tremel asked:

I made a Keyboard Layout „ETDeNWi8.dll“ for Devanagari-Input in Windows 8 Release Preview using Microsoft's Keyboard Layout Creator Version 1.4.

Dies file „ETDeNWi8.dll“ had been installed in


like all the other Keyboard Layouts, too.

But I experienced different behaviour of this „ETDeNWi8.dll“ Keyboard Layout:

In Word XP on Windows 8 Release Preview, Libre
Office Writer on Windows 8 Release Preview, and
Wordpad on Windows 8 Release Preview

this „ETDeNWi8.dll“ Keyboard Layout

is working correctly as expected.

But in Word 2010 on Windows 8 Release Preview
this „ETDeNWi8.dll“ Keyboard Layout is NOT
working correctly as expected.

What may be the reason for this?

 Now we have a problem where Word 2010 is not properly supporting a keyboard, even though everyone else supports it!

Now Ernst didn't give any specifics about the problems he was hitting, which makes it pretty much impossible to diagnose what is going on here.

But, I will do a lazy psychic debug and wonder if my You're not the one out of sequence, and that's the Word blog.

And if turning off sequence checking will help.

But whether that's it or not, Word still lost the battle this time.


Microsoft Word: 15      Microsoft Windows: 15

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