Someone wanted to know how I'd be showing people the money

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2012/10/01 07:01 -04:00, original URI:

I was asked a question by the Contact link:

I see you're speaking at IUC36. What is your currency talk going to be about?

He was referring to the talk I mentioned here:

October 24th @ 15:10 in Santa Clara, California, USA

36th Internationalization and Unicode Conference

Show Me The Money!

It has always been a rule at Microsoft that locale data is not changed for prior versions or in service packs for the current version. And like all rules, there is one major exception: currency values! I'll be taking you on an exciting journey of the many updates for the Euro, the Indian Rupee, the Turkish Lira, and other times that Microsoft has shown its customers the money....

 It's kind of funny, actually.

I submitted six talks to the committee.

Later, I communicated to someone on the committee that they should just select two (I put them in my order of preference but said they were free to select another if they liked. Or even none if nothing appealed.

This talk was near the top of my list....

What I'll really do in this big money tour is cover the history of currency changes across Windows versions -- both what was done for the new version, and what was (or wasn't!) done for prior versions.

The fonts, the locales, the sort tables, the keyboards, everything!

I will cover the changing ways in the process over the years, sometimes even why.

Plus how the change floats out to other product groups, like Office and .NET and SQL Server. And Windows Sustained Engineering.

And as a bonus I can show how some of the new world may be easier for Windows 8 app developers!

It should be an exciting (and quick) tour of this thin thread that has run through Windows for pretty much its whole life!

Oh, that reminds me.

There is also a third presentation I'll be doing (they asked me to after something happened with another slot). I'll talk about that one another day....

asklar on 1 Oct 2012 7:11 AM:

take me with you! :)

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