Moving sucks, something it has in common with my new mail slot. And my new office.

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2012/09/26 07:01 -04:00, original URI:

Completely off-topic, and unworthy.

It took me a while to decide.

You know, whether or not I liked the new office.

The window office, I mean.

You know that office I mentioned in Michael's window office -- Take 4! (aka Size Matters!).

First, there is the fact that I hate moving.


Foul tip.


Well, to be fair, they did one of those special moves.

The ones they do for gimps in wheelchairs.

Where they'lll move all the stuff they usually won't move.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah. Then there is the fact that the new office is smaller.

Half a ceiling tile narrower.

I've almost hit the wall a few times.

Let's call it s foul tip again.


Then, the other day, I went to my mail slot.

I never check that thing often enough, you know.

And then, I saw it.

The new office means a new mail slot.

For reasons that surpass understanding, they order the mail slots by office number!

Talk about misuse of collation!

It makes no sense.

I mean, the mail room puts a sticker on everything that they deliver.

The sticker has two things on it.




How hard would it be to make it alphabetical?

I can't find it.

Of course I don't remember the new number, I realize.

Then, I find it.

Sort of.

It is located on the very top shelf.

Even fully extended in the iBOT, I can't reach it.

My mail slot has a bunch of stuff in it, I can see from where I am there is stuff in there.

And I can't reach it.


I look over at the mail slot of my old office.

I can reach it easily.

And now I really miss my old office.

It is even legal to locate a mail slot in an inaccessible location when you have self identified as being a gimp in a wheelchair?


I guess they couldn't have known, right?

I think they will know quite soon, though! Just a hunch. :-)

Okay, another foul tip.

Still STRIKE 2!!!

At least I'm getting a piece of it

Looking at the slots, I see no reasonable way to move it, even if I could reach it.

Which I can't do anyway.


Robbie helped me get the mail, and she is going to call them about moving the mail slots.

I have promised to not rip down ten slots I can reach, although as a form of catharsis, it might actually have helped.

But it's official.

Moving sucks....

Something it has in common with my new mail slot.

And my new office.

I quit.


Ok, I won't quit.

It will be better tomorrow, I'm sure.


But I'll still wish I hadn't moved....

Nick on 26 Sep 2012 8:31 AM:

If only they could just move the window to your old office, you wouldn't have such problems! Yeah, yeah, physics, structural integrity, cost... I'm still waiting for someone to take the "all edge brownie pan" concept and apply it to a building - everyone gets a window that sees outside, even if it's just a lawnmower-wide gap through the outside into the next office.

John Cowan on 26 Sep 2012 9:43 AM:

Long ago and with another employer, I had been promised that the partial wall between my cube and the empty cube next to mine would be removed so that I'd have a double-size cube.  I waited.  And waited.  And ... waited.

Finally, I took matters into my own hands and demolished the wall.  With my own hands.  It wasn't as hard as you might think, but it wasn't as easy as I had thought either.

My boss said, "I won't do anything, just so you understand that the little bit of wall that's left will stay there permanently."  Not being too fussed about the aesthetics (it's a cube, for heaven's sake, not a work of art), I agreed.

I estimate that over my 30-year career, which spans only six employers, I have moved office at least 20 times.

Nick: Hotels are built like that: they may look bulky from the outside, but from a satellite view they are skinny snakes, so that each room can have windows.  There's really no reason that (outside Manhattan and other very crowded cities) offices can't be built the same way, except management paranoia (which also accounts for the obnoxious open-office plan).

Joshua on 26 Sep 2012 10:24 AM:

@Nick: That would be awesome but expensive.

Joshua on 27 Sep 2012 9:10 AM:

@Nick: Thanks to you, free brownies today courtesy of the QA manager.

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