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You may remember prior blogs like Regarding the overthinking and underimplementing of names from last year that talks a bit about the names we cart around or Maybe they're just showing off their fancy fonts? ;-) from a few months ago that openly pointed out one of the big problems of using native languge names in user interfaces.

The simple fact I pointed out:

The odd one out here is the Native Names, since each one is most often provided by a different person, one per language - sometimes based on preferences or standards requirements or grammatical rules in each language!

Anyway, someone was asking again about the different capitalizations in different languages in some other UI was showing.

And someone else, in partial response, pointed out that someone else owned the data, but it may be per language choices. And it continued:

They may also know, assuming that’s true, if there are scenarios in which it’s appropriate for a component for force capitalization.

It is true.

But we don't track when languages would be okay with capitalizing being done by someone else later.


I shudder to think of how we would manage all that, myself.

Luckily, the person asking just went ahead and resolved the issue as by design, since it is. ;-)

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