ResolveLocaleName cleans up and flies right

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2012/08/07 16:09 +02:00, original URI:

Regular readers may remember my Four cases where I don't like ResolveLocaleName (and you shouldn't either!) from a few months ago.

I described a terrible sitation with ResolveLocaleName.

Ths function, added in Windows 7, would do all of the following:

In Out
en-Latn-AU en-US
zh-Hant-TW zh-HK
en-Cyrl-TT en-US
en-CanYouBelieve-THISCRAP en-US

and I pointed out how this function works. It works badly.

Well, one person took this to heart, my friend Brendan.

He entered a bug on this for Windows 8 (I was actually just looking at the Win7 repro but it was I guess in Win8 too!).

Anyhow, despite how late it was they did do a quick fix!

So, once you have RTM bits, the results are much more reasonable:

In Out
en-Latn-AU en-AU
zh-Hant-TW zh-TW
en-Cyrl-TT en-TT
en-CanYouBelieve-THISCRAP en-US

 Wow -- much bettter!

Now, we just need to port it to Wndows 7... ::-)<%

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