Yes I still work for Microsoft...

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2012/07/20 07:01 -04:00, original URI:

Le sigh.

They moved my Exchange mailbox to a new server.

It started with an e-mail:


This is a notification to all mailboxes on Segroup, we are in the middle of the planning stages for retiring Segroup. This means all mailboxes on Segroup will eventually need to be moved off. In the near future we will begin scheduling migrations, however this message is to bring this to your attention ahead of time.

If you have any concerns with this process please small ‘r’ reply letting me know, along with details pertaining to why.

Please ignore this message if you already read it, as I will be sending it out multiple times this week to ensure its reached all the attended mailboxes.

Thank you,

Le sigh.

I wasn't alone on the server, mind you. Lots of people got this email.

Of course it has happened before.

I started life on one mail server on a different domain before I got moved to this one.

Some Brian Valentine "If you work in Windows and you aren't into NTDEV then I'd like to screw with you to beta test something of mine" project.

For years I couldn't reliably use wireless or sign code or send secure email.

Now that those things work, of course they're making a switch.

Le sigh.

Anyway, James assured me that the new server had more space, and more rules allowed.

Once I updated my mobile device and got my new OWA link, everything would be the same.

Le sigh.

Anyway, they made the move.

Just the email server, mind you. My login is in the old place.

Whatever, at least it's done.

Oh wait.

I have started getting emails to personal account like this one:

Hi Michael,

This is forwarded to your email address from the Unicode list as it bounced from the
Microsoft one I have for you



They couldn't add that "winse" thing to my "email addresses' list?

Crap, they did -- I just looked.

It is just bouncing anyway.

Le sigh.

I almost lost out on an all expenses paid flight to New Orleans to be an extra in a movie because of this nonsense.

Luckily, Facebook kinda worked, so I got to go. I was even supposed to be paid for that.

Though come to think of it, I never got that check -- scale + $25 for costume fitting. Ah well, they probably sent the instructions to that "wrong" email address.

Le sigh.

But that guy James? He doesn't work here anymore.

I guess I'll have to start sending email to figure out why people who grab valid email references that used to work think I am no longer employed here.

Crap, I wrote the above a few weeks ago, and since then they moved my email to somewhere else.


For a while only my phone worked.

This is kind of why I haven't been blogging the last few days.

Sorry about that!

I think I need a new server side DELETE ALL inbox rule.

If it's really important, they'll come by, right? :-)

Jan Kučera on 20 Jul 2012 7:15 AM:

So you are actually on Windows team, aren't you?

Michael S. Kaplan on 20 Jul 2012 7:25 AM:

Yes, I am.

John Cowan on 20 Jul 2012 7:46 AM:

Yes indeed.  This email business is a mere fad; it will never last.

Joshua on 20 Jul 2012 11:00 AM:

After about the second time, I'd have hosted my own mail server.

ErikF on 22 Jul 2012 3:18 PM:

It is a shame that they can't make aliases to your previous account names so that your e-mail follows you around. At least that way your address wouldn't suffer from link rot!

cheong00 on 22 Jul 2012 7:22 PM:

@ErikF: I think they probably did (as Michael already checked), just forgotten to update the corresponding DNS MX record / port forwarding / smarthost setting of to point to the new server. If any of the above went wrong, the email will got bounced.

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