The missing blog Part #10b?

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2012/05/03 07:01 -04:00, original URI:

Over in the Suggestion Box, Joshua Boyce asked:

I have been reading your series "Getting all you can out of a keyboard layout", and in part 10a ( you hint at an upcoming 10b part to the series... Any chance that this series could be expanded to complete coverage of the issues you have described?


Well, Joshua has a point.

Now I wrote Getting all you can out of a keyboard layout, Part #10a over six years ago, and the follow-up I suggested there has never happened.

And with six years since then, it would be hard to claim I was busy the whole time. :-)

The truth is that I had a hard time sustaining interest in doing it for the sample, given how the suggested improvement wouldn't have much impact for any existing layout.

This made it a theoretical improvement, one that didn't have much real need....

Of course, there has been a change since then!

Last November, in The evolving Story of Locale Support, part 6: Behind the Cherokee Phonetic layout in Windows 8, I talked about a new Windows 8 keyboard with just the kind of complexity in it that the change might help.

Suddenly, motivation!

I now have a reason to dust off that sample. And to not take 6 years to do so.

Stay tuned....

Joshua Boyce on 3 May 2012 5:05 PM:

Looking forward to it. :)

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