Good times at MS, smooth sailing with my MS, and a new Ms.!

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2012/04/10 07:01 -04:00, original URI:

Absolutely nothing technical today - it's a post about my life and how I am.

f you have no real interest in that, then you should leave, and maybe come back tomorrow. I won't take it personally!

Let's relax for a moment and take my life and arbitrarily divide it into three areas, three places where there is opportunity for things to go well, to potentially be satisfied or pleased or dare I say happy:

Generally one of them is going well at any given moment. ONE.

Analyzing them over time, there has not been a discernible pattern indicating that investing/not investing excessive time/effort in any of them changes how well or poorly they progress -- so it is generally not what I do that does the most to make me happier or less happy.

And it is not the "success" of one that makes another less successful most of the time, either.

It is almost unheard of for two of them to be where I'd essentially like them to be.

And it is quite unprecedented for all three of them to be in a good place simultaneously.

And yet somehow...

Somehow, over the last week or so, this seems to have happened!

Intellectually, I find myself tempted to work out those cynical muscles, to assume it won't last.

But I find myself not going down that particular road.


For now, I'm just... happy.


It's been a while, I suppose. But I'm just going to go with it -- enjoying my work at MS (Microsoft), a stable MS (multiple sclerosis) situation, and a new girlfriend (Ms. Claudia!) who thinks I'm somewhat wonderful....

I'm loving it. :-)

Mascha on 10 Apr 2012 7:10 AM:

Great to hear! Happy for your happy MSx3!

Adam C on 10 Apr 2012 7:52 AM:

So happy to hear that you're enjoying a great time in your life! :)

cheong00 on 10 Apr 2012 7:03 PM:

It's great to hear that. Wish you stay with the 3 MSs well. :)

cron22 on 10 Apr 2012 8:22 PM:

Nice!  Great to hear!  And remember that anything good is our Lord's doing.  

Claudia Lawrence on 11 Apr 2012 2:14 PM:

I thank Kalgaathu, the Grain Father, for you every morning.  First I sprinkle cornmeal (we call it maize) in four directions, then I name each of the 7 Beasts (each one with a head of blasphemy: it's something tedious, lemme tell you), then I do the time warp again.

You rearrange my chromosones something wonderful, Mr. Kaplan.

Michael S. Kaplan on 11 Apr 2012 4:35 PM:

Wow -- no wonder you may not have time to read the Blog every day!

Claudia Lawrence on 11 Apr 2012 7:52 PM:

Do I detect the rising inflection of hope in your text, Mr. Kaplan?  Sadly for you, I can perform these spiritual duties in mere seconds with my cerebral cortex tied behind my back.  

It's the afterparty that's the time vampire.  

Michael S. Kaplan on 11 Apr 2012 8:46 PM:

You win. :-)

Claudia Lawrence on 12 Apr 2012 7:51 AM:

really?!!!  you folded too easily.  :-)))

capitulation is a dish best served over time.  

Michael S. Kaplan on 12 Apr 2012 8:07 AM:

There's no upside to telling your S.O. that she's wrong....

KatyK on 12 Apr 2012 3:27 PM:

So happy for you, Michael!

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