Despite my typos and snark, I'm not really a Rebel Without a Clause...

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2012/03/28 07:01 -04:00, original URI:

Long time friend and reader of this Blog Mihai asked over in the Suggestion Box:

Playing with Win 8 recently, and it looks like the rich edit controls now support spell-checking out of the box (ok, you have to set IMF_SPELLCHECKING).


But that is not exposed as a service in Extended Linguistic Service.

No so hooray :-(

Can we hope that "the glue" will be in place by RC? Or GM?

Most likely you are not allowed to tell :-)

But can you (maybe) pass the message that exposing spelling as an ELS would be the nice (right?) thing to do?

Thank you,


I should admit something.

Something that although I'm fairly certain Mihai knows, there may be others who do not.

While at first glance it may seem that I have been sharing tons of things -- in all but fact announcing features of Windows 8, the truth is far less interesting.

Generally I don't mind the implicit out of control, bad boy, living on the edge image of a blogger who is a Rebel Without a Clause¹.

But I can't really claim such a title.

What I talk about here is either important stuff to the PTB² that has been announced, or stuff that isn't important to the PTB² that they don't mind being out there.

Sometimes I doubt the PTB² even notice.

Other times it's stuff that the PTB² ask me to say something about. Though if you know me, you'll know I have no problem saying no way if I'm not interested; luckily for them it's relatively easy to catch my eye!

In this particular case there are a few things I know that may or may not be relevant:

I have no idea what the plans are here, Mihai. :-)

Potentially I could forward it on, but I am reasonably certain that they are already planning on doing it or they aren't; it is way too late to just drop everything and add the feature in.

Though I admit it would be cool....



1 - Kind of fun play on words!
2 - Powers That Be

Quppa on 28 Mar 2012 10:14 AM:

Is the new system-wide spell check currently limited to the RichEdit control and WinRT TextBox/RichEditBox controls? Making it available through ELS would be neat.

Mihai on 29 Mar 2012 2:35 AM:

Oh, there was really no intention to "lure" you into disclosing anything :-)

Maybe just hoping that the info is out there, but in some places that I don't visit.

"ELS doesn't specifically document spelling services"

True. But it has a way to enumerate the available services (MappingGetServices).

And that does not find anything about spelling.

"I do recall it being mentioned as a potential future direction"

Well, it was something I thought it would be cool, when I have evaluated ELS before Win 7 got out.

But I hope you heard something more recently, and maybe someone who might make it happen :-)

Well, you should not say what are not allowed to say (or you don't know :-)

But thanks for the answer,


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