TODAY: My IUC 35 talks, the "Microsoft Internal" edition

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2011/11/29 06:01 -05:00, original URI:

There are a lot of people in the world.

A subset of those people have some interest in language and technology.

A percentage of them are a bunch of people who read this blog from time to time.

Some of the those people who read this Blog work for Microsoft.

And some of them are in the Puget Sound area.

And a few of those people are still in town now rather than being off for the rest of the year due to wanting to avoid losing vacation rollover time.

Today's blog is for that subset of people -- the rest of you can go read what's left of TechCrunch (or as I like to think of it, "Why I don't like startups anymore!).

I won't say you're children of destiny, but as it turns out you may be one of the people who turn out to be immortal, invulnerable superheroes who have outstanding luck with your preferred gender and are incredibly adept in countless other ways that you could spent countless hours enumerating if you were not too busy enjoying your fulfilling lives.

So you may in fact be Children of Destiny™!

If you're one of them, then all I can say is Congratulations. And Welcome.

Are you not sure if you're one of those people, there is a great way to find out.... you can attend one or both of the presentations I did for the 35th Internationalization and Unicode conference!

Today (Tuesday November 29th, 2011, in 86/2835)!

@ 10am:

Locales on Windows - the view from 18 years in

It was 1993 that the basic model for locales was integrated into Windows in its current form, and that model has been largely unchanged for much of that time.  In this unique view of those 18 years, you can find out about the lessons learned, unlearned, relearned, and mis-learned.  You'll leave this all up view feeling both more impressed and more embarrassed to know Microsoft than you ever have before, even if you were there while it was going on!

 This talk shows off a lot of the new exciting features in Windows 8 locales, keyboards, and fonts!


@ 11 am:

Korean Hangul: from Sejong the Great's Hunmin Jeongeum to Unicode 6.1

Hangul has had a long history from the 1446 document that first described the underlying Jamo to the latest Jamo additions to the Unicode Standard.  This presentation will do a whirlwind and only mildly irreverent tour of that history in the form of a presentation to Sejong to explain what has happened, highlighting the use, encoding, and re-encoding of one of the more perfect alphabets, imperfectly handled, in this or any other age.

This talk shows off the new Old Hangul IME in Windows 8!

So, if you are one of those potential Children of Destiny™, then for the sake of you an your significant other and everyone who will have the chance to interact with you in the future, pop on over to 86/2835 for one or both presentations!

Ambarish Sridharanarayanan on 29 Nov 2011 10:29 AM:

Any chance this will be recorded?

Michael S. Kaplan on 29 Nov 2011 3:55 PM:

Both of them were recorded!

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