Relationships (according to Science!)

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2011/05/29 07:01 -04:00, original URI:

Based on a Facebook insight in the middle of commenting on one of Hande's statuses from yesterday morning -- an insight I had once before but that prior use was for utility explaining it with a relationship rather than entertainment like it was yesterday and maybe is today....

It starts with the shapes, the curves. I believe it was Andy "Slipstick" Libby who first suggested the shapes where one could find elegant fifth order functions - he was including the time variable. So we (the boys, I mean) watch those shapes. We want something here, we just hve no idea what it is exactly.

In oather words, it is about GEOMETRY.

Then, it really is just a numbers game. I mean, sometimes one has to be turned down by Tammy and Stephanie and Melissa before one gets to meet Arlene and then re-aquaint yourself with Tammy, later on in the numbers game when things start to add up.

In other words, it is about the MATH.

Along the way one sometimes finds that things really click, that there is a real connection that takes hold and refuses to let go. It's excitement, it's attraction.

In other words, it is about CHEMISTRY.

The next step leads to learning more about each other, about beliefs and history and values. Because if you find you have enough in common then sooner or later it is going to get more private intimate.

In other words, it is about PHYSICS.

{perhaps at this point an importance of "hard" sciences pun -- thanks Dave! -- would be appropriate while of course being simultaneously inappropriate}

Next if one wants to be with someone forever (imagine Erin Grey as Wilma Deering asking "Oh Buck Rogers, does that mean we'll be together for always?"), there will be marriage and sometimes there will even be perpetuation of the species -- also known as children.

In other words, it is about BIOLOGY.

So if you ever were wondering why people put so much emphasis on the hard sciences and their importance, now you know -- IT'S ALL ABOUT SCIENCE!

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