ARM port of Windows? No comment. Followed by a comment....

by Michael S. Kaplan, published on 2011/01/08 07:01 -05:00, original URI:

So, it was just the other day that regular reader Yunhong Bao asked me, in a comment to my Still with the Itanium? blog:

What do you think about the recently announced ARM port of Windows?

My official response is to decline to comment.

The people talking about it know a lot more than I do, so my thoughts are not very relevant.

Now off the record, there is one thing about the annoncement that excites me.

I mean, as I mentioned in Had I known that my last release would be *the* last release..., aka hindsight is 2020:

But the 1.4 update was principally done for the sake of adding x64/IA64 support.

So perhaps the ARM port will lead to an eventual MSKLC update to support keyboards on the platform!

Maybe they'll fix some of the other bugs while they are in there!

Andrew West on 8 Jan 2011 10:36 AM:

I wouldn't hold my breath for anyone other than you fixing any bugs in MSKLC -- can't you regain ownership it?

Michael S. Kaplan on 9 Jan 2011 2:51 AM:


Mike Dimmick on 11 Jan 2011 3:01 AM:

I'm not sure I'd expect to see physical keyboards on it at all, unless they're on-screen keyboards. How do custom layouts interact with the on-screen keyboard?

I suppose there wouldn't be anything stopping someone attaching a USB keyboard to a USB port, though, assuming the devices support USB host mode (and if they didn't, what would be the point of full Windows rather than just using Windows Phone or Windows CE, which have run on ARM processors for at least ten years?)

Michael S. Kaplan on 11 Jan 2011 4:05 AM:

The onscreen keyboard in Windows supports the keyboard model of Windows -- that is what MSKLC builds to. So if it is Windows....

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